Primavera Visions

 18K yellow gold slide pendant & pin featuring 
a carved Guatemalan jade pendant :
 blue 0.51 carats, blue/green 1.03 carats, 
x grams 18K yellow gold


Lavendar Channels

 18K yellow gold slide pendant & pin featuring 
a carved Guatemalan jade pendant, 
x grams 18K yellow gold

The Maya Jade Collection is Helen's newest work, celebrating the gem material that was revered by the Maya, an ancient culture that flourished in the first millennium AD in Mexico and Central America. The sources for Mesoamerican jade were lost for the past five centuries, until they were re-discovered in 1974 in the Motagua River Valley of Guatemala. The Maya Jade Collection is Helen's contribution to the revival of this gem.


The Maya Jade Collection was inspired by Helen's recent trips to Mexico and Guatemala, where she visited archaeological sites, museums, galleries and contemporary jade workshops. Her Maya Jade Collection includes one-of-a-kind jewelry artwork featuring large beads in the popular green and white mottled Guatemalan jade variety- the Mayan Foliage Jade- designed along with black lava beads and copper chains. Her unique, carved centerpiece pendants
in the rare and beautiful Lavender Jade from Guatemala are designed along with natural-color pearls, rare Sugarcane Emeralds from Brazil , and tanzanite beads, creating a astonishing pastel tone combination. You can read Helen's article about Sugarcane Emeralds in the Summer 2009 issue of
Gems & Gemology magazine.


This collection is dedicated to Helen's friends that made her notice and fall in love with this jade and Guatemala: jewelry historian and appraiser the late Anna Miller, photographer and gemologist Fred Ward, and archeologist and Jade Maya Gallery owner Mary Lou Ridinger, who re-discovered the jade sources in Guatemala.


Helen's article Maya Jade-The revival of a gem revered by royalty, where she tells the story of the jade re-discovery and her visit to the Jade Maya workshop in Antigua, Guatemala, will be soon published in Rock & Gem Magazine.


Please visit Helen's booths during the Tucson gem shows to see this amazing collection at the AGTA GemFair Booth #1621 in the Gem Hall, and at the
Tucson, Gem & Mineral Show (TGMS) Booth # 1606-1608 in the Main Hall.


Silverwork cast at Annapolis Precious Metals (APM)

Photos by Andy and Helen Serras Herman

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