Bacchus (Dionysos),
God of wine and song,
supported by portraits of
several faces of "Bacchantes,"
(the followers of Bacchus ).

"Bacchus" carved on Larimar, 70 carats.
Larimar is a beautiful gem material
that comes only from
the Dominican Republic.
The natural matrix
is incorporated in the design
to represent the "hair".

The sculptured head is fitted
in a carved Sterling Silver cast,
163 grams.
 The Gem Sculpture is displayed
on a Siberian Jade carved base,
128 grams.

Photo by M.J. Colella

Serras-Herman is probably one of the most extensively trained artists
working in gem carving in North America-- and it shows in her work.
Coming to gem carving from the vantage point of large-scale sculpture,
Helen Serras-Herman creates miniature masterpieces
underscored by centuries of art history."

-- Cathleen McCarthy






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