Gem Portraits


Leonardo da Vinci


Gem sculpture in the full round

Head: Smoky Quartz 328 carats
Bust (not shown here):
Rock Crystal Quartz 700 carats
Total height 3.5”

The "Portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci”
was created to honor a Master of the Arts.
The portraiture is the result of a combination
of his original self-portrait drawings..
Some show him bald and beardless,
while others show him with a beard and long hair.
The head is sculptured on a Smoky Quartz crystal
utilizing the white root for the beard.
The bust is carved on Rock Crystal Quartz
with crystal face terminations.
It is shaped as a bust with the bones and muscles
engraved on, offering an illusion “X-ray” of the chest.
The dominant spinal column,
which is deeply engraved on the back,
unites the bust with the head.

Photo by: Alex Jamison


             "Portraits on Gemstones are among the most difficult subjects to execute.
            They require knowledge of drawing and anatomy, and demand meticulous work procedures.
            But above all, they require a deep understanding of life that enables the artist
            to reflect the character and individuality of the person."


             Most of Helen’s Gem Portraits are carved as
            high-relief cameos or sculptures in the full round.
            They are set in jewelry, or displayed as statuettes.
            The Gem Portraits may be for a living person, in memory of a loved one,
            or as homage to a celebrity.
            They may be a direct study from life, or recreated from pictures and drawings.




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