The Gem Art Center is known for:

                -  One-of-a-kind Gem Sculptures and Jewelry Art created by artist Helen Serras-Herman .
                -  Unique carved gemstones in Black Australian Opal and drusy materials.

Helen’s award winning, bold contemporary work
 on hard gemstones has been featured in
 many trade magazines and books. 

Over 20 years of experience in Sculptured Gems, 
a Masters degree in Sculpture (MFA), a degree in Gemology (FGA), 
and studies in drawing and painting, are reflected in her unique work.

 Her distinctive work on gemstones includes 
Carved Gems
, Jewelry Art and freestanding Gem Sculptures
Some of her recent artwork, the “Wearable Sculptures”
explores the connection and transition between 
the worlds of Fine Art and Wearable Art.

Her favorite subjects are Mythological Creatures and Portraits. 
All of her creations are one-of-a-kind, signed and 
sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. 
A number of her works have been direct commissions
from private clients. 
All of Helen's Jewelry Art is set in 18K or 14K gold, 
or Sterling Silver, with a palette of gemstones, 
such as fancy color sapphires & garnets,
tanzanite, diamonds, red spinels, opals and tourmalines.

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    Helens affiliations include:

            -  Artist Member of Gem Artists of North America (GANA) since 1997  
                 and past  President Feb 2002- Feb 2004 


            - Firm Member of American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) since 2003

            - Fellow Member of the Gemological Association of Great Britain since 1988

            - Member of the Greek Chamber of Arts/ Sculpture Division since 1983

            - Honorary Member of the National Lapidary Hall of Fame since 2003

            - Member of the DC GIA Alumni Chapter since 1991

          - Honorary Life Member of the Gem, Lapidary & Mineral Society of Washington
                   DC (GLMS)
since 1998, past President 1993-1995, and member since 1988

            - Honorary Life member of the Chesapeake Gem and Mineral Society since 2005,
               past Director and member since 1996

            - Artist Member of the Tubac Center of the Arts   Tubac, AZ

In 2003 Helen Serras-Herman was inducted
 into the National Lapidary Hall of Fame!
 (read more about this honor under The Artist)

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 Helen's Hallmark

is included in the Art Guide Source 


  an online Hallmark/Trademark Directory
 of North American artist/metalsmiths. 

Credits and thanks go
to the following people that help create the jewelry pieces,
and the sculptured metal bases:

 Goldsmiths/ Silversmiths
Annapolis Precious Metals (APM)
 Greg Reeves
Annapolis, MD
410. 266.9559
E-mail: apmjewelry@att.net

Ed Fasy
Baltimore, MD
410. 732.5990
E-mail: efgldsmth@aol.com

Natalie Yasbek

Bead Stringing
High Strung
Dina Weavers
Severna Park, MD 410. 647.9335
E-mail: high-strung@comcast.net

Franco Wirewrapping
Franco Zambrotto
Farmington, WV
E-mail: frankowrap@juno.com

Fowlers Wire-wrapping
Jim Fowler
PO Box 699
 Goochland, VA 23063
Bus cell phone: 216.440.7687




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